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Instagram Intensive - how to build your tribe, win clients and grow your business

Hosted by
Rachel Klaver
Brie-Anne Timings
July 16th | 10:30 NZST | Show in my timezone

Here is What You'll Learn

Why Instagram?

Is Instagram still relevant? Should we still focus our attention on Instagram? We'll take a deep dive into the platform through statistics that tell us where Instagram is headed and what we need to focus on

Building a Cohesive Aesthetic

Your IG grid doesn’t have to be a perfect checkerboard of quotes and stock images like we strived to create in 2018, so what DOES it need to be? We give you the low down.

Brie's ABC Formula for writing Instagram Captions

Learn how to make it about the customer and still sell your product through Brie's ABC formula for captions that get engagement.

Hashtags are Life

Increase your reach by stepping up your hashtag game. Discover best practices for working with the Instagram algorithm when it comes to growing your following organically.

The Power of Instagram Stories

Imagine if all that time you put into a post was seen by loyal viewers everyday? That’s the power of daily engagement through Instagram Stories

Make em Stick

How to use stickers in a sophisticated way that is both fun for the viewer and informative towards how you market, the products you create and the services you have on offer. (Including how to make your own!)

Why we need to plan for the dark side...

Dark Social is where social media communities are headed - and Instagram Stories are the perfect jumping point. Find out why and how.

Instagram Ads - Using Posts and Stories

Rachel will talk through hat you need to know, how to make them zing and we'll do a live run through of setting them up


About Rachel Klaver

A marketing strategist who's worked with hundreds of small businesses in New Zealand and Australia through her consultancy Identify, Rachel loves helping business owners "turn the light on" and become more confident in running their own marketing, helping them SHOW UP and show their face, tell their story and allow the right people to come and choose them, their service or their products.

She has a particular strength in storytelling and written content creation

Rachel became a marketer after a wide range of other careers including teaching, freelance writing (books and articles), behaviour/leadership trainer.

Identify's focus is helping you with strategy and training, then helping you set up your Facebook/Instagram ads, and marketing automation to help build on the hard work you've done with your organic posting.


About Brie-Ann Timings

Brie moved into social media when her dad had a problem - how to find a way to communicate best with his hundreds of students from his Canadian college. Brie rose to the challenge and proved that using Facebook and Instagram gave the college an ability to connect, engage and build trust in a large organisation at the most personal of levels.

Since then Brie's worked with a wide range of businesses both in Canada and NZ, helping business owners become confident with the platforms, and providing them with a content solution that helps their followers trust them and choose them. She now works both as a Facebook/Instagram trainer and a social media manager for busy business owners through her business Simple Life Social

All of that's important but what you also need to know is Brie is DELIGHTFUL with a gorgeous bright and bubbly energy and she'll make the Webinar super interesting, well paced and full of awesome info as well as making you laugh a little along the way!

(Rachel wrote this by the way because she's a mega fangirl of Brie)

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July 16th
10:30 NZST
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