How Tourism Businesses Can Evolve to Survive Through COVID-19 and Beyond - WebinarNinja

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How Tourism Businesses Can Evolve to Survive Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Hosted by
Rachel Klaver
April 7th | 13:00 NZST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Why you need to REST, RESET and work on MINDSET

We'll talk through what we should and shouldn't be focussing on

Where to access help for you.

Find where you can get support during these times of change and disruption

What you need to change right now

Identify what you need to change, and what you can keep the same

Why Social Media is more important than ever

Where you need to be hanging out, what you need to be doing and why.

Building for Long Term Change

What you need to be doing to keep the end in mind

Using your team, your time to rebuild and refocus

Things you can be doing, whether your business is open today or not.


About Rachel Klaver (me)

Hey there :)

I'm a marketing strategist. But I'm also a business owner.

And I've worked with hundreds of small businesses in NZ and Australia

Some of them you'll have heard of. Some you won't have.

Every single one of them is a gift

Just like you

And I know this is all hard, and NOT what any of us planned.

So here's my help for you

I'm not going to sell to you during this webinar.

I will share with you some free tools we've got to help you.

And I'm going to share with you some advice

I 100% believe that right now - our best marketing weapon (every single one of us) is using this time to build trust. So I'm going to model that to you every step of the way.

April 7th
13:00 NZST